Alberta Premier Rachel Notley still hasn't seen report on how environmentally friendly or inexpensive executive vehicles should be

I'm no Grinch.

Wish I could leave you with a story of good cheer.

Wish I wouldn't have to roast anyone's chestnuts over the open fire.

Wish I could say the NDP scrapped the carbon tax after the elves in Santa's workshop complained about the extra cost.

Wish the actions of politicians matched their words.

Sorry. No dice.

So there's one last column left in me before I take time to recharge my batteries and forget about all those people who would like to run me out of the province.

These words come from my year-end interview with Premier Notley.

The questioning started because I was puzzled about something.

You see, more than a year ago, in November of last year to be exact, Postmedia scribe Darcy Henton wrote about the premier's wheels, Chevy Suburbans.

Her Suburbans and her security vehicles cost a grand total of $384,043.62.

They'd been ordered by former premier Prentice and the Suburbans were recommended as being very secure.

Actually, former premier Redford first brought in the big SUVs. She liked their look.

Former premier Stelmach rode in a Ford Taurus. He is a humble man.

Premier Notley, however, is the self-styled warrior in the battle against climate change. Forget about the Suburbans. Her inner circle are not even committed to driving green vehicles.