Alberta Needs Unconditional Love

To love unconditionally is a tall order - setting aside any self-interest or expectations of reciprocity is not something we typically expect of people, and certainly not politicians.  But to get our province back on track, we need leaders who will set aside personal ambition and the slights and grievances of the past.  We need leaders who won’t demand narrow conditions in order to unite.  We need someone who will love Alberta unconditionally.

Albertans have overwhelmingly reached the same conclusion: we need to unite conservatives in order to defeat the NDP.  Poll after poll after poll are showing the same results - more than half of Albertans and an overwhelming majority of PC and Wildrose supporters want a competent, principled, united alternative to the NDP.

As Jason Kenney said last weekend when it comes to unity "...everyday Albertans can't even conceive why certain political elites won't just get 'er done." 

Unfortunately, as was reported this week in the Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune, at a town hall meeting Brian Jean made clear that "any merger between the two parties would have to be done under the legal framework already set up within the Wildrose party."  Brian went on to say that "he was not willing to dissolve his party or make concessions in order to appease the Tories."

We all know Wildrose's strength is the everyday grassroots Albertans who drive its success.  As Brian Jean put it on election night 2015 after disastrous floor crossings had left most Albertans thinking the party was dead:

"Wildrose proved them wrong.  The Wildrose party is not about one person, it's not about Brian Jean, it's not about one MLA it's about Alberta.  We are a movement, a grassroots movement.  It's a set of values and principles, and when you stick to those values and principles you can accomplish great things."

The legal framework of the Wildrose party is neither a value nor a principle.  And it's not up to Brian Jean to determine under what structure a united party takes shape, that decision belongs to the party's members.

We understand both parties have to protect their members' interests headed into a unity negotiation, but the best interest of Alberta have to come first.  Let's keep up the pressure on Brian and the Wildrose caucus by writing or calling to make sure they don't scuttle our chance for a bold new conservative movement in 2019 that will defeat the NDP and restore the Alberta Advantage.

Let's not let conditions get in the way of our love for Alberta.


The Alberta Can't Wait Team