Alberta government interferes with freedom of information requests, email reveals

An Alberta Justice internal email uncovered by CBC News reveals political interference by the NDP government in a freedom of information (FOIP) request.

The email, also obtained through a freedom of information request, reveals that a senior civil servant ordered junior FOIP officers in January to provide the minister's office with a copy of all records requested by journalists and opposition politicians.

"My ADM, Gerald Lamoureux, has advised me that the ministry's office would like to receive a copy of records release packages for access to information requests made by opposition parties and the media," reads the email from Richard Marks, the director of FOIP records management.

Experts worry about political staff meddling in the processing of access to information requests by non-partisan civil servants.

In 2011, the RCMP were called to investigate meddling at the federal level. Stephen Harper's Conservative government came under fire when political aides scrutinized — and even inappropriately censored — documents requested under the Access to Information Act by The Canadian Press.