Alberta Goes to Ottawa United We Roll Convoy

A fed-up Alberta headed to Ottawa this week to send its message directly to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.
The United We Roll convoy - a group of Alberta energy and trades workers whose livelihoods are at risk from Ottawa's continuing opposition to pipeline construction - rolled into Ottawa yesterday to protest the Trudeau Liberals and hammer home how hard hit Alberta's economy has been over the past few years.

However, for those watching mainstream media coverage of the event (especially from Canada's taxpayer-funded broadcaster, the CBC), you would have thought that the gates of the underworld had opened, unleashing a horde of evil onto the steps of Parliament Hill.
Most media have focused on the small handful of individuals in attendance who promoted extremist views on issues like immigration rather than the overwhelming majority who were there to talk about pipelines and Alberta energy.
They've interviewed "experts" who called the convoy participants hate-mongers, villains, and radicals.
And they've ignored the hate and intolerance the convoy has encountered from the left on its trip eastward.
Here's the truth: every political party, every movement - every large group of people, really - has a handful of folks in it who espouse views that don't reflect what that party, movement, or group believe.
It's one of the consequences of an open, democratic society.
To denigrate or dismiss an entire group because of the views of a tiny minority isn't fair - especially when the media do it on a partisan basis.
The fact is, groups and parties on the left have the very same problem, but only receive a fraction of the coverage from mainstream media who just don't seem interested in reporting on these facts.
Extreme leftist groups like Antifa have demonstrated a strong tendency towards violence - including attacking and harassing journalists.
A so-called leftist women's rights activist kicked a woman because she was a pro-life protestor.
And at the United We Roll protest on Parliament Hill, a Rebel News reporter was assaulted by Antifa zealots who broke his camera and phone.
None of these events received anywhere near the media coverage that they would have been they perpetrated by someone on the right.
It's a double-standard that has led to an erosion of trust on the part of conservative Canadians towards the mainstream media - and the inevitable outcome of having mainstream media put onto the payroll of the Trudeau Liberal government by giving them a bail-out fund of $600 million in taxpayers' money.
More broadly, Albertans as a group have been portrayed as redneck, right-wing, and backward, despite our traditions of welcoming folks from across Canada and around the world to come and make Alberta their home.
Meanwhile, we hope that the politicians in Ottawa took note of the passionate pro-pipeline protest that happened on their doorstep, and the received support from small towns and communities the convoy received on its cross-country trip.


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