Alberta Ebbs, Saskatchewan Skyrockets

It used to be that whenever the Roughriders would play the Stampeders, an oft-repeated joke at McMahon stadium was "What do you say to a smart person from Saskatchewan?" followed up by a good-natured "Welcome to Calgary".

Saskatchewan seems to have had the last laugh, or at least the latest laugh - while Calgary's unemployment is now in the double-digits, we learned this week that the Fraser Institute says Saskatchewan is the 4th best North-American jurisdiction for Oil and Gas investment while Alberta now ranks 43rd.

In the last year alone, we've sunk 17 spots.

As much as the left likes to repeat that "Rachel Notley can't control the price of oil" this study is about what her government CAN control - how attractive Alberta is for investment.

In stark contrast, over in India, the Prime Minister of that country is embracing development of Oil and Gas.  The PM tweeted recently about how increasing energy use in his country results in higher standards of living, and how hydrocarbon development will be a big part of India's future.  

The developing world is hungry for our resources, but as we learned last week, the Northern Gateway pipeline project has been categorically shut down by the federal government.  Despite all the talk of "social licence" by the Premier, new limits on oilsands development, the uncertainty created by yet another royalty review, and the extra cost to heating our families' homes this winter aren't helping get our product to Asian markets.

If you haven't already, please encourage your friends and family to sign our petition to encourage the Party Leadership, Legislative Caucuses, and the Membership of the Wildrose and PC parties to unite and put Alberta first.  


The Alberta Can't Wait Team