Alberta Can’t Wait to speak at Chamber membership meeting

Alberta Can’t Wait, the grassroots group calling for unification of the Alberta conservative parties, will be speaking at the Monday September 17 membership meeting hosted by the Peace River & District Chamber of Commerce (PRDCC).

Prem Singh, co-founder of the group, said she is excited that Alberta Can’t Wait was invited to speak at the PRDCC meeting. She added that the presentation will focus on the impact of current government policies on Alberta’s businesses.

“The opportunity to bring our message to this particular audience is an exciting one because no one understands better the need for good fiscal policy than business owners,” Singh added. “We are hoping to delve into the concerns being raised by businesses in our province today, partly as a result of fiscal mismanagement on the part of the current government.”

Singh said that the group has been taking their message across the province in the Alberta Can’t Wait RV, and is surprised at the positive response they have received.

“Some of our favourite moments this summer have been when people approached us - not necessarily knowing what we were about – and who upon learning proceeded to show us their homemade lawn signs or t-shirts expressing frustration with the policies currently coming out of Edmonton,” Singh said. “Seeing so many beautiful parts of our province and meeting so many of her kind and resourceful people has been a real highlight of our summer.”

And while the Peace River stop will offer the group a chance to provide its perspective on how NDP policies are affecting businesses, it is also hoping to grow its movement throughout the province.

“We will continue to push out our message on our website, on social media, at town halls, and at events like this until we see a fiscally responsible, competent, and united alternative to the present government,” Singh said.