Alberta budget’s bottom line: The right must unite

"Government budgets are a hybrid of economics and politics. This week’s Alberta budget is no exception." After hearing about this new budget, it is even more clear that it is time for those who believe in priorities like balanced budgets, low taxes, sensible spending, and saving for the future to come together to build a stronger Alberta. 

A quick summary, "The economics are pretty simple. With revenues of $41-billion and expenditures of $51-billion, we are looking at a deficit of $10-billion. With the Alberta twist on LOL – lower for longer oil prices – the government has cancelled its earlier promise of a balanced budget by 2020. Deficits of $10-, $10-, and $8-billion are now projected for the next three years. So is Premier Rachel Notley hitting the fiscal brakes? Hardly. Over four years, the NDP is borrowing $34-billion for infrastructure spending. By the 2019 election, Alberta’s total new debt will be over $57-billion." Read more here