ACW on the Road

We're excited to announce we will be headed out on another tour of the province this spring.  The Alberta Can't Wait RV is ready to come out of its winter hibernation and bring our message of a competent, united, principled alternative to the NDP all across the province.  

We're looking for service clubs, barbecues, chambers of commerce meetings, and anywhere else we can share our message of uniting conservatives.  

Last year, some of our most rewarding moments were when people approached us - not necessarily knowing what we were about – and who upon learning about our goal of conservative unity, signed up on the spot.  They shared our goal of bringing conservatives together under a single banner in time for the next election.

Of course, last year our movement was nowhere near where we are today.  As we speak, both the Wildrose and PC parties are negotiating the terms and conditions of a unity proposal on which members of both parties will get to vote.  Unity has the momentum, but some significant challenges still remain.

It's therefore extremely important to ensure that you, your family, your friends, and anyone else you know who wants to restore the Alberta Advantage has the chance to vote on a unity proposal.  We'll be encouraging people everywhere to join both parties and vote in favour of any forthcoming unity resolution.

In addition to our spring tour, we're looking to expand our network of Alberta Can't Wait chapters, to organize and spread the message at the local level.  Chapters can organize guest speakers, events, membership drives, etc. to spread the message of why getting involved in the process is so crucial to the future of our province.  

If you want to get involved with starting an ACW chapter in your community, or if you have ideas for events that we should attend please contact

Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you in the upcoming weeks!

The Alberta Can't Wait Team