If you would like to see Alberta Can't Wait in your community this summer fill out the form below detailing the event, time, and location. We are committed to bringing our message of a competent principled united alternative to small-c conservatives across the province because Alberta is so much more important than any politician or political party. At least two members of our steering committee will be happy to attend.




A unified provincial conservative ‎party is one step closer after hundreds of grass-roots conservatives, from across the province, gathered in Red Deer over the weekend to seek ways to work together.

Those in attendance overwhelmingly endorsed a plan to work with all conservatives in Alberta, including supporters of the Wildrose and PC parties, to  unify under a new entity before the next provincial election.  Other options which were soundly defeated included unifying under the PC brand, unifying under Wildrose, and maitaining the status quo.

Saturday's event was hosted by Alberta Can't Wait a group created by four organizations that were previously working independently towards a "united alternative" for Alberta's conservatives. Co-founder of ‎Alberta Can't Wait, Prem Singh, was on hand Saturday and said she was encouraged by the growing support for the movement across the province.

"This is not just about winning the next election," said Singh "this is about a principled conservative government which will implement policies that will ensure Alberta's prosperity for generations to come,"

‎Over the next number of weeks the steering committee of Alberta Can't Wait will develop a ‎process to allow every interested Albertan to join the conversation. A formal membership process will be developed to allow interested people to provide feedback and a discussion about shared values and uniting principles will be launched.

The event in Red Deer was attended by hundreds of people ‎who came from every corner of the province. Attendees included current and past members of both the Wildrose and PC parties. The event was also attended by many Albertans who were getting involved in politics for the very first time.




Red Deer College - Saturday, April 30th

10AM – 3PM

9:00AM Registration open – Second floor

10:00 AM Welcome

Marc Henry - Public Opinion Research Presentation

Polling Q&A

Cliff Fryers - The Four Options

• Status Quo

• Unite under Alberta PC’s

• Unite under Wildrose Party

• Unite under New Entity

Ian Brodie - More Than the Mechanics

Colin Craig - Principals of a Taxpayer-Friendly Government


Breakout Sessions

Summary Reports from Facilitators

Barry Cooper - The Road Ahead

Straw Vote on Four Options

Resolutions and Vote




WHEREAS everyday Albertans have told us clearly that they wish to pursue creating a united conservative option in advance of the next provincial election;

NOW THEREFORE this assembly of everyday Albertans resolves as follows:

To Create an unincorporated Association to pursue uniting Alberta voters in support of a principled competent united alternative to the NDP government prior to the next Alberta election.

To reach out and convince the voters of Alberta to join and support this Association.

To endeavour to persuade members, constituency executives, party executives, and the leadership of the PC Party and Wildrose to join and support this Association.