"We Hate Albertans" Speakers Series

Have you ever noticed how many people who claim to love our province seem to support a lot of activities which cause incredible pain and hardship for everyday Albertans?

These are the people who start a lot of sentences with the phrase "I love Alberta, but..."

In fact, if you were to listen to them talk with their friends for a few minutes, you might get the impression that they don't so much "love" Alberta as "completely hate it."

Of course, we're talking about the Alberta Teachers' Association - a group who professes to love Alberta students but don't want any of them to actually ever find jobs or prosperity when they're adults.

Earlier this year, the ATA brought in David Suzuki as a speaker to their annual conference.

Suzuki is a well-known anti-Alberta oil activist who has called the oil sands "immoral" and compared the entire oil sector to "slavery".

In reality, despite his constant protests against capitalism, having many children, lobbyists, owning large homes, and doing business with oil companies, it turns out that David Suzuki has actually engaged in all of these things.

Not to mention that he made some downright creepy requests of a Canadian university when he spoke there a few years ago - namely, asking the university to provide a couple of college girls to accompany him while he was there.

This is the person the ATA decided should address their conference in February.

Now, the ATA has decided to go even further.

They've invited anti-oil sands activist (and former Alberta NDP insider), Tzeporah Berman, to come to speak to their conference.

Berman, who used to co-chair the Alberta NDP government's Oil Sands Advisory Council, compared our oil sands to the fictitious hell-on-earth evil realm of Mordor from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

She's also advocated breaking the law by ignoring court-imposed injunctions and for the blocking of pipeline construction sites.

Clearly, Berman is a role model for Alberta students.

This latest guest speaker by the ATA is just the next chapter in what we've decided to call the Alberta Teachers' Association "We Hate Albertans" Speakers Series.

Based on their speakers to date, we assume future speakers will include former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, BC NDP Premier John Horgan, and federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

Why does the ATA invite speakers who hate Alberta's oil sector, not to mention advocate flouting the rule of law, to their conferences?

Why do they want to see Alberta students face bleak job prospects by supporting those who relentlessly attack our most important industry, particularly during these incredibly difficult times?

The answer is because while the ATA may claim to love Alberta, they just happen to not like a lot of Albertans - particularly those who may think that it's time for the government to tighten their belts while we run record deficits.

It's part and parcel of the anti-Alberta sentiment which has seeped into our provincial and federal governments. As Licia Corbella notes in her column today, despite their recent conversion to the pro-oil cause, the Alberta NDP has a long history of opposing our energy sector - and their federal NDP cousins have fought against our energy sector relentlessly.

And the incredible tone-deafness of the ATA reflects just how out of touch they are with the struggles of hard-working everyday Albertans, hit hard by low commodity prices and constant pipeline blockages.

It's time the ATA was called to account for their anti-Alberta actions.

It's time the ATA apologized for recommending that teachers refer to students as "comrades" rather than boys and girls.

It's time the ATA recognized the absurdity of recommending that schools host drag shows and creating a "gender unicorn."

It's time the ATA started advocating FOR our energy sector rather than opposing it at every turn.

And if they won't change course on this most recent outrage, then maybe it's time for the Alberta Teachers' Association to be sent packing here in Alberta.



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