The PC Board's Intentions

Recent decisions made by the Leadership Election Committee and Board of PC Alberta Have left us questioning their commitment to running a fair leadership election.

We feel compelled to let you know our thoughts and invite your feedback.

The first decision we feel merits attention is that to allow only PC Youth campus clubs created before October 1st to send delegates to the leadership convention.  We feel this will disenfranchise young supporters. There are substantial difficulties students face in reaching their home riding's delegate selection meeting if they are away for school, and to not certify these clubs discourages youth involvement in politics. If the PC party wants renewal - as it is fond of saying - why are they discouraging young people from getting involved?

Next, the decision to revoke the membership and ban from all future PC events a Calgary delegate - strikes us as heavy-handed.  It also suggests to us a bias on the part of the LEC and Board in favour of anti unity candidates.  It sets a dangerous precedent - whose membership will they revoke next?

Finally, we have been disappointed in the continued lack of response to our letter asking for clarifications on the rules for the leadership.  Given our letter was sent and published in the Sun newspapers during the summer, we are resigned to the fact we will likely never receive a response.  It is disappointing, however, to have so little apparent commitment to fairness and openness on the part of the PC party executive.

Based on current delegate counts, it's clear that the unity message is winning, and winning by a large margin.  The PC party's Board of Directors may prefer the party go in another direction, but their most important role is to reflect the party membership.

If you share our concerns contact PC Alberta at (780) 423-1624 and write to party president Katherine O'Neill at, or send a tweet or a Facebook message.

If the PC party wants to regain the trust of Albertans, it has to start with transparency and accountability to its members.


Prem Singh